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New Types Of Orgasms

Sex on the phone= Eargasms
Sex that requires a lot of work = Chore-gasm
sex with newlyweds =  Let's-do-it-till-we're-soregasms
Sex in a boat - oar-gasms
Sex with a nerd - dork-gasms
Sex at the entrance to your house - door-gasms
Sex on carpet or linoleum - floor-gasms
Sex at the supermarket - store-gasms
Sex at a Steven King Movie - horror-gasms
Sex with a prostitute - whore-gasms
Sex with an accountant - bore-gasms
Sex while sleeping - snore-gasms
Sex with 4WDrivers - four-on-the-floorgasms
Sex with a salesmen - door-to-doorgasms
Sex with a virgin - my-hymen-got-torgasms
Premature ejaculators have - beforegasms
Sex with 'Arthur' - Dudley Moore-gasms
Sex with cartoon donkeys - Eeyore-gasms
Sex while broke - poor-gasms
Sex with a lion - roar-gasms
Sex for hours and hours on end - sore-gasms
Sex on a golf course - fore-gasms
Sex with a nymphomaniac - more-gasms
Sex in a gold mine - ore-gasms
Sex with a dermatologist - pore-gasms
Sex with a politician - Al Gore-gasms
Sex with Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers - s'more-gasms
Sex with a bullfighter - toreador-gasms
Sex with a masked man carrying a sword - zorro-gasms
Sex on the beach - shore-gasms
Sex at an all-you-can-eat buffet - smorgasbord-gasms
Sex on a cruise ship deck - shuffleboard-gasms
Sex in Asia - Singapore-gasms
Sex among the wonders of nature - outdoor-gasms
Sex in the vicinity of a garbage can - odor-gasms
Sex on the way to the train - 'All Aboard'-gasms
Sex that wasn't very satisfying - 'There's the door'-gasms
Sex in an adult theater - hard-core-gasms
Sex with someone who's not paying attention - ignore-gasms
Sex with a competitive partner - score-gasms

Sex while flying - soar-gasms
Sex with a beloved partner - adore-gasms
Sex with a meat-eater - carnivore-gasms
Sex with a person who's got a really bad hairdo - pompadour-gasms
Sex with someone who's got bad taste in clothes - velour-gasms
Sex while travelling - tour-gasms
Sex with a big dog - Labrador-gasms
Sex with Beavis and Butthead - GonnaScore-gasms
Sex on stairs at the mall - escalator-gasms
Sex with three of your friends - four-gasms
Sex with a Norse God - Thor-gasms
Sex when resistance is futile - Borg-gasms
Sex during hay fever season: spore-gasms
Sex with a cookie: oreo-gasms
Sex with a vegetarian: vege-gasms
Sex with a storyteller - lore-gasms
Sex when you get an award = Honogasms
Sex on a cruise ship deck = Shuffleboardgasms
Sex in the vicinity of garbage can = odorgasms
Sex using plastic cutlery = Sporkgasms
Sex with a Medieval poet = Troubadorgasms
Sex with conquering Spaniards = Conquistadorgasms
Sex in a firehouse = Firedoorgasms
Sex with an Icelandic singer = Bjorkgasms
Sex with the a bad actor = Pauly Shoregasms
Sex with a bugle player = Horngasms
Sex with an astronaut who didn't make it into space = Abortgasms
Sex during an earthquake = Tremorgasms
Sex with Thomas Edison = Inventorgasms
Sex with a construction worker = Contractorgasms
Sex on farm implements = Tractorgasms
Sex at a symphony orchestra = Conductorgasms
Sex while hopelessly drunk on shooters = Liquorgasms
Sex with a person who examines dead bodies = Coronergasms
Sex with a possessive partner = Yourgasms
Sex with Frankenstein's assistant = Igorgasms
Sex with a Norse God = Thorgasms
Sex without a climax = Nogasms is part of the network.
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